Hiker camped with stranger only to find out horrifying truth after escaping

A hiker has claimed she was forced to camp out with a stranger before being left horrified when she found out who she actually was.

Emilie Hofferber said she and her friend Sara were exploring Washington State last year when they came across a woman and her dog.

But, days later, Hofferber was left unsettled, prompting her to call the cops who reportedly told her that the stranger had been arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.

Hofferber claimed she started getting weird vibes from the woman because of what she was talking about, DailyDot reported.

She revealed in a TikTok clip that the stranger spent a night in the hotel for one night before tagging along for the rest of the hiking trip.

Hofferber said: “At this point, I thought maybe I was being too judgmental of the stranger.”

Hofferber claimed the woman told her she couldn’t access money despite having a well-paid job when the pair were stocking up on camping supplies during the trip.

The woman also alleged that her ex-partner had hired someone to steal her pet dog.

Hofferber claimed she started getting weird vibes from the woman before finding out the stranger’s history.

And, Hofferber claimed that the woman acted as if she was drunk after just one beer on the beach.

When Sara went to bed, Hofferber claimed she and the stranger were approached by a shadowy figure wearing a cowboy hat.

They asked if they wanted to “party with a stranger.”

The person in the cowboy hat reportedly said: “You ladies look like you could use a stranger.”

They apparently asked several times and their voice was low, according to the TikToker.

Hofferber said to the stranger: “We gotta go, that was weird.”

They responded: “We need to work on our exit strategy. You don’t know this but I have a fully automatic [gun] on my hip right now.

“I’ve been on the run from a person for six months and I’m running for my life.”

Hofferber and her friend decided to make their escape from the stranger after discovering inconsistencies in her story.

‘On the run’

They then decided to leave the campsite quietly as they didn’t want to raise any suspicion

Hofferber and Sara left the campsite in her car after her friend’s vehicle wouldn’t start and the stranger followed closely behind.

While they were traveling, Sara apparently told her friend that the stranger had offered her sedatives when she felt ill.

Hofferber said: “I have reason to believe the stranger is not who she says she is.”

Hofferber revealed that she started to quiz the woman and discovered inconsistencies in her stories.

She said: “I’ve decided she is seriously unhinged.”

Hofferber was left feeling unsettled and called the cops about the woman.

She claimed officers told her that the woman had been previously arrested for kidnapping and attempted murder.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced here with permission.