Mars in Aries will bring you fiery sex and scandalous hook-ups

It’s time to take the lead and charge into new territory!

Mars, the planet of sex, passion and drive will venture into its home zodiac sign—and the first sign on the wheel—known as Aries. During this time, we will notice a much more rapid pace to our lives—as well as our libidos! Mars ventures upon the cliffs of Aries from May 24 until July 5, 2022.

Mars—a planet of confidence, action and adventure—will vibrate at some of his greatest intensities because it is known to be home—or domicile—in Aries. This gives us a shot of adrenaline to every area of our lives. We will feel our desires rise up and be encouraged to plunge headfirst into anything we set our minds upon.

When it comes to our sex lives in the weeks ahead, we will take a “me” first attitude, eager to take the lead and pursue passion like it is a conquest. Aries—and Mars—embody warrior energy, so this will inspire us to put our hearts—and our lust—first. If we want it, we’ll chase after it without thinking twice! This courage, spontaneity and impulsivity could lead to romps, hookups and wild love affairs.

Committed couples can use this firepower to turn up the heat to level 10, while singles can expect a surge of libido that encourages them to step out of their comfort zones, chase a new beginning and see if hot sex and romance are on the menu. We will thrive on instinct and be direct. If for some reason it’s not a match, we will move right along to the next hot and available option!

Mars in Aries will heat you up.
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However, because Aries is a Fire sign and always lives in an egocentric vibe, we may become stubborn, selfish, impatient or aggressive if things aren’t turning out exactly as we’d planned. This feisty energy can lead us to be arrogant and unreflective and may stimulate fast-paced, short-lived encounters that we regret later on down the line. The best thing to do is to give yourself a moment to breath before you race onto the next horizon—or into the next person’s bed—during this time!

Hot tips: try mirror masturbation, mutual masturbation, total worship, and athletic, primal sex. Work out, get sweaty, let your libido fire up and bang at the gym, in the showers or in a car. Tease each other and get off everywhere—anywhere—as soon as the moment strikes you. Dress up in athletic gear, jockstraps, thongs, or thigh-highs. Try out total domination.

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Prepare for life to go from zero to 100 at a moment’s notice, Aries! With your ruler in your zodiac sign, you are more fired up and powerful than ever! This is an excellent period to dust off your vision board and think about everything you want to tackle in the next two years and get moving. Launch projects, take the lead, strike into new territory and feel the adrenaline race through your blood. You’ll also be especially magnetic now, so take your sexy vibes and fuel them into your personal life, too.

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Take a deep breath and chillax for a minute, Taurus. As Mars races through your sector of privacy and solitude, it’s very likely that you’re busy on a major project or endeavor behind-the-scenes. This could be a great time to develop your ideas, vision board your plans and strategize your plan of attack. Time is of the essence, so use this fuel now. Your creativity will be fierce and you’ll be thinking outside of the box.


Holler at your friends, fans and acquaintances, Gemini: you’re ready to see your social life erupt! This feisty energy should bring plenty of fun engagements and events that will stack your calendar to the brim. TBH: this is one of the best times to have fun, let loose and focus on pleasure and laughter. Online dating could be firing off on all cylinders for single Geminis, too! Want to use this vibe toward your professional goals? You’re in luck. Network up a storm and you’ll see every door open to you.


Get a’move on all your biggest professional goals, Cancer. As Mars ignites your ambitions and career, you could begin working on a significant milestone project that can lift you up to a whole other level. Awards, promotions and victory laps may soon be in hand! If you’d like to move your career in a new direction, impress a VIP or get a different job, crack that whip and make it happen.

Get ready to SCREAM with Mars in Aries.
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Feel the enthusiasm coursing through your veins to soar into exhilarating new directions, Leo. As Mars ignites your expansion zone, you’ll be racing forward and not looking back. This energy could inspire you around a few different endeavors. The first could be to head back to school or get busy on a major academic project. Next, if you’ve been in the mood to travel, immigrate or deal with international markets, this firepower could see a big win. Last, if you’re involved in the media or working on a publishing endeavor, you may be racing along in your chariot to your next big finish line.


With Mars getting horny in your intimacy sector, you’ll be focused intensely on your sex life, Virgo. This will favor couples a bit more than singles, but will get you moving to be up close and personal. However, this energy could instead focus you in a slightly different direction: around what you and a partner share, negotiate, give and receive. If there are imbalances, you’ll feel the tension in bulk. Also, with energy activating major shifts around your assets and investments, you could soon be near a settlement or spending quite a bit of cash. Keep your wits about you.


Partnership will be a top priority for you now, Libra—even more than usual! With Mars across the sky from you, you will likely be very busy working with a significant other in business or love on a major endeavor side-by-side. Teamwork and collaboration will get you much further now than trying to fly solo. However, if there’s tension beneath the radar, you could find that conflicts and aggression erupt before you. Focus on union rather than going to war!


As Mars energizes your sector of productivity, you’ll be cranking along in every part of your daily routine. Busy? Absolutely. You may even be taking on more projects for your employer and trying to hit major deadlines. If you’re out of work and looking, you’re especially favored to dust off that resume and get in front of every hiring manager that you can. Last, as this energy also activates your physical health, you may become spurned to take on new fitness, diet or exercise goals in order to become stronger than ever before.

Let’s get wild when Mars is in Aries.
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Feel the passion ignite in your heart and in your loins, Sagittarius! With Mars energizing your sector of pleasure, dating, fertility and creativity, you’ll be especially focused on having fun and living in the moment. This is the most important period in two years for singles to put themselves out there to find someone new, while committed couples can use this sexy vibe to get down and dirty with their partner. Looking to have a kid or spend more time with your children? This energy could let you do just that.


With Mars charging through your sector of home, family and domesticity, you’ll be deeply focused on these matters at this time, Capricorn. Some Capricorns could be renovating, redecorating or moving—or handling important real estate matters. However, this tension could instead be affecting your family, causing you to handle a big conflict or step in to help someone you love. Do your best to keep your emotions in check.


Speak your mind, Aquarius. As Mars darts through your communications sector, you’re likely immensely busy on a writing, speaking, advertising or branding project. You could be generating big ideas at every turn and ready to blast them to the world. However, this same vibe could propel you to learn quite well and comprehend complex concepts. Last, if you’re able to take some time off work and enjoy some short-distance travel, you’ll have a blast and be glad that you did.


Watch your finances, Pisces, because with Mars burning up this sector, you could very well be burning through that cash! You may be spending a great deal of money at this time, so watch your finances and be sure to know where everything is going. However, this same enthusiasm could instead be focusing you upon making more, so if you buckle down and work hard, you could very soon see your wealth become pools of gold.

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