Pregnant Hooters waitress reveals rudest things pervs ask her on the job

She’s expecting a baby, but she wasn’t expecting such disrespectful comments.

A heavily pregnant Hooters waitress has taken to TikTok to reveal the rudest remarks customers have made to her while on the job.

The waitress — who is eight-and-a-half months pregnant — shared a video over the weekend saying she’s frequently subjected to sleazy jokes and cringe-worthy comments from pervy patrons.

“I don’t know what it is, but pregnant women are just so sexy to me,” one leering male customer allegedly told the Hooters server, who goes by the handle @noodledoot.

The soon-to-be baby mama rated that sordid comment a 1/10 on an “appropriateness” scale, saying it made her feel “uncomfortable.”

Meanwhile, another crude customer brought up sex with the expectant waitress, purportedly telling her: “You can only last two seconds in pregnancy p—y.”

The soon-to-be baby mama is subjected to cringe-worthy comments and sleazy jokes while waiting tables at the establishment.

The stunned server rated that remark a -3000/10, saying she had absolutely “no comment” on the crudity.

@noodledoot also claimed that nosy patrons frequently asked whether she is “still with her baby daddy” and “whether she is having a boy or a girl.”

The Hooters beauty told TikTok that the latter question was the only acceptable one to ask about her pregnancy.

The Hooters beauty said the only acceptable comment customers can ask is whether she is expecting a boy or a girl.

Elsewhere, the waitress revealed that she is often met with lame jokes after diners notice her burgeoning baby bump.

One customer quipped, “You still didn’t tell me how that happened?” while another made a fat joke, saying: “There’s the girl that ate all those cheeseburgers hahaha.”

@noodledoot has made several other videos about her experience working at Hooters, including a recent clip showing how much she made in tips during a single shift on a regular Friday.

The server revealed she raked in $282 in gratuities from tables over the course of a shift.

She also said she made $282 in tips during a shift.

However, the busty beauty isn’t the first Hooters waitress to reveal the comments she’s subjected to and the tips she racks up while on the job.

Florida Hooters server Leah Fennelly has grown a huge TikTok following by sharing insights into her employment at the frisky franchise.

Last month, the brunette clocked a jaw-dropping 10.3 million TikTok views with a clip revealing that she made $383 in tips and CashApp donations during a regular shift.