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Supreme Court firearms decision puts crime-fighting Adams under the gun

The Supreme Court’s ruling last week in favor of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association will make it harder for the city to keep handguns out of the...

NY Dem voters can't gripe about voting choices -- or the direction the state heads in

Prospective Democratic primary voters are in a far sunnier mood than voters overall: 52% think the state is on the right track. 

NYC's $105B budget barely nods at soaring inflation despite boost in reserves

Mayor Eric Adams $104.9 billion city budget deal won’t be affected by soaring inflation – but taxpayers will be on the hook for no improvement on city services.

Boudin's recall is great for San Francisco— and all crime-plagued cities, like NYC

San Francisco recalled District Attorney Chesa Boudin after he couldn't deliver on his promise to decrease crime with progressive, lenient policies.

Locking up some criminals actually can save them -- despite what soft-on-crime pols say

For all the patronizing attitude toward low-level criminals on the part of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg and his supporters not all criminals are mentally ill or irrational in the choices...

The MTA has a fare-dodging point. But why make it so dumbly?

The state-run MTA is its own worst enemy when it comes to tackling the city’s current fare-evasion dilemma and stopping murder on the subway.

Left and right must agree on this: Public order is the government’s job

Can we agree that though police and the criminal-justice system are imperfect, the alternative to a government monopoly on keeping law and order — armed chaos and disorder — is...

NYC subway crime is soaring because we no longer prevent it

Police are stepping up their enforcement of minor laws underground. In April, they gave out more than 10,000 non-arrest summonses, up a third from April 2019. But this welcome return...

NYC subway slay is latest sad proof that working from home is safer

There have been 18 victims of subway homicide since March 2020, each one a preventable tragedy. And each one a message to the rest of New York that it’s unsafe...

London’s new subway line shows it's far ahead of NYC in working to get riders back

London, where former New York City subway-chief Andy Byford has run the transit system, has elected officials who take transit seriously — and New York doesn’t.